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Top 10 Reasons

Direct Email Marketing
Every business today and especially small businesses should be utilizing direct email marketing as part of their marketing mix. Email is an excellent tool for building and maintaining relationships. Email marketing has a number of benefits that make it the most important marketing mechanism available to small & medium businesses today.

Increase online sales
Because these lists are accurate, there is less administration on these lists. Because they have chosen to join, subscribers are more likely to be interested in your services or products, which create greater response rates for your campaigns.

Competitive advantage
Businesses that gather demographic and behavioral data about their prospects have an advantage over traditional marketing solutions. This information allows them to acquire the prospects that can be converted into an active customer.

Reduce your direct marketing costs by 80%
The reporting capabilities of our email marketing tools have allowed organizations to measure their return on investment instantly. Using permission based marketing techniques, email marketing delivers personalized email messages to consumers. The cost savings over traditional distribution methods can be quite substantial. Printing costs and delivery costs are eliminated as well as postage fees and time paid to employees for putting it together.

Management tools
The results of email marketing are immediately measurable, and management tools provide reporting capabilities and permit the viewing of complex online behaviors, real time. As your knowledge grows, you can refine and optimize opportunities based on continuously updated customer data.

Reporting capabilities
The list-management software offers open and click-through tracking and more. This gives your marketing department instant feedback on the email's effectiveness. By analyzing the detailed information about your mailings, the actual metrics will help give you the information you need to take your email campaigns to the next level and make them more productive for your business.

Verified accurate email lists
Clean your email list by turning invalid addresses into valid ones The automatic verifier feature in Email Media Group software can correct common mistakes in email addresses so you don't miss out on any email subscribers.

Confirmed opt-in email marketing
Confirmed opt-in allows for the subscriber to confirm the delivery of email messages to their mailbox. The result is that all subscribers have opted in to subscribing to your database, which means more Return On Investment (R.O.I.)

Enhance your messages with colors, fonts and graphics
Creating an eye-catching email campaign and newsletter is fast and easy. And it requires no special design skills to generate professional results. You can start a template from scratch or use one of our 250 customizable, pre-designed email templates. To attract customers, over 250,000 images and characters are available in a database for you to use (very easily). Industry-leading wizard features ensure your project is up and running fast and without any technical knowledge required.

Customer service and support
Unparalleled customer service and support includes a 24-hour customer service department to reach our support personnel for all of your questions and concerns. When you call Email Media Group offices, a real, live support person answers the phone 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. That's right - no automation, but a real, live person. In addition, Email Media Group provides 24x7 support through email at help@emailmediagroup.com and a Live Chat service.

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