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Newsletter and E-Mail List Campaign Management

Our newsletter and email campaign management services have eliminated the sweat, the long-drawn-out effort, and the pains that go in publishing and managing any newsletter and email campaign. We have taken the entire exercise of publishing and delivery of newsletters and email campaigns to the next level. Email Media Group's newsletter and email campaign management services provide the fastest, easiest, and the most affordable method of handling online delivery of newsletters and mailings of any type.

The software automatically handles bounced back messages and non-deliverable emails, adding new sign-ups to your list and removing those who request it - along with a whole list of other features to help you maintain a true mailing list of people who are only interested in your products or services.

Create unlimited email lists, create unlimited newsletters, schedule messages to go out at the exact time you wish right down to the hour and the software will do the rest of the work for you, once that's done come back and view complete reporting metrics for each campaign and analyze them to better suit your customers' needs in the next email newsletter that you send out to them.

Do It Yourself - or We'll Do It for You!
Our comprehensive Campaign Management Services enable you to produce and manage your own campaign, using our easy-to-use design software - or let us do it for you. Busy executives and professionals often have their time taken up by their primary task. They have little interest or energy to expend on creating a newsletter themselves, yet they must have it done. For those people Email Media Group will handle every aspect of their campaigns. We can provide you with a turn-key operation that will take the entire burden off you and your organization. All you need to do is reap the rewards.

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