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Private Labeling !
Your organization takes pride in providing all its products and services under its own roof. You would like to project the same image to your customers and subscribers who get to interact with you through your email campaigns and newsletters. You do not want them to know that it is a third party - Email Media Group - that is assisting you in the background with your effective emails.

Email Media Group understand this, That is why we have come out with our very own PRIVATE LABELING Software to meet the needs of businesses on a couple of different levels - such as individual companies, advertising agencies and Web developers who might want to resell our services and make some great money with us.

Individual Companies: your company might only want to take off the "Powered by" logo and company info that's attached to the bottom of every email that goes out using our software and services. You might want to keep the impression that you're doing all the work yourself.

Advertising Agencies and Web Developers: you can resell our services under your own brand identity and make great money while we do all the work for you. By entering into a private labeling relationship with us, whenever you sign up a customer, or a client of your logs in, what they get to see is the standard look and feel of "your" website, not Email Media Group's website. But at the backend, Email Media Group's solid infrastructure is taking care of all your site's email needs.

For this to be achieved, we shall require some materials from you that go into building your site. This would include elements such as your company logos, your advertising material, the colors that outsiders get to see on your printed literature, and so on. This helps in seamlessly extending the website as a natural extension of your company.

Will anybody ever get to know about our existence in a Private Label relationship? Well, if any techie dips into the headers that inevitably get prepended to every email message emanating from us, or if they study the IP addresses of the network where the site is hosted, they should be able to reach us. This is unavoidable. However, 99% of your customers are the ones who may not even be interested in knowing the "mechanics" of your email campaign software, as long as they are satisfied that it is 'your' organization that is conducting it, and as long as they continue getting great content! And, in the end, this is all that matters to you and your customers!

For more info on our private labeling services please get in touch with our sales team.

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