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General Security

Email Media Group has made, and continues to make, substantial investment in the latest server, database, backup and firewall technologies to protect your information assets. These technologies are deployed as part of sophisticated security architecture.

All data resides in a tightly controlled, secure data center. These investments mean that information about the identity and preferences of individual members is never accessible to anyone outside Email Media Group. We will maintain safeguards to protect the security of these servers and your personally identifiable information.

Multi-Level Security Functionality - Email Media Group offers multiple password protection to be used within your own organization. Access to your newsletter information can be layered, so that employees or designated content providers may still process data and build a newsletter without having total access to sensitive information. Work can be delegated with no fear of unauthorized copying or dissemination. How you structure your permission levels and passwords is completely flexible and is your decision, based upon your particular needs.

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