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Here in Michigan times are particularly tough with all the auto companies problems and such. Lately it seems there isn't a day that goes by where I don't hear about another customer or friend who has been laid off from his or hers job. It's amazing just how connected so many jobs are to the auto industry. The other day I ran into one of our long time customers and asked him why he hadn't been in the shop for awhile. He told me he was laid off. Knowing he was a plumber I was surprised to hear this until he told me most of his business came from General Motors. Whether you agree with the government stepping in or not we here in Michigan see first hand the effects of this recession and the seemingly endless stream of people it affects. Our business has been good this year but right now it is particularly slow so we just wanted to let everyone know we appreciate each and every customer we have and we are doing what we can to help you save some money. Hobbies are a great diversion from the daily grind and we hope you will continue to support us with your business.

On a different note Michigan Toy Soldier has now embraced what is referred to as Web 2.0 in a big way. For those who are not familar with this term I'm sure you are familar with some of the web sites invloved. Web 2.0 is the second-generation of internet-based services - such as blogs, forums, social networking sites, wikis and communication tools- that let people collaborate and share information online in ways previously unavailable. Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are all Web 2.0 sites that MichToy can now be found on.

We are using Twitter* to list new product arrivals and news on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Want to quickly know what's new? Just check our Twitter page for a fast update. You can even set your cell phone or email to receive our Tweets as they are posted.
We are now also on You Tube* with the first of our How To videos by our own Dave Youngquist. MichToy will be using You Tube to post How To videos, demos and store events. Have a look and let us know what you think and what you'd like to see on our channel.
And you can now find us on Facebook* which we are using as a general news page for all the going ons here at MichToy.

*Twitter is a service for people to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of "Tweets" which are are text-based posts of up to 140 characters, displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to other users - known as followers - who have subscribed to them.

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The Michigan Toy Soldier Company is featuring a series of events at our retail store. Covering a wide variety of topics we hope there will be something of interest for all types of collectors and hobbyists. For a list of events click here MichToy Special Events

Our Next In-store Event:
Saturday June 27 , 1:00- 3:00 P.M.
W. Britain Summer Event
Win an exclusive pre-production Britains figure!
Michigan Toy Soldier is proud to feature a fantastic door prize at the W.Britain Summer Event. We will be holding a drawing for one of only 3 pre-production figures ACW # 31031 ( cavalry trooper firing behind fallen horse) ever made to a lucky attendee! This is a incredible opportunity to own a extremely rare set and meet the artists that created it.

Meet the creative team behind the rebirth of the greatest name in toy soldiers – W. Britain
KEN OSEN – W. Britain Master Sculptor who has sculpted over 600 figures for W. Britain and is largely credited with taking figure creation to a new level of detail and accuracy.
DAVID YOUNGQUIST – W. Britain award winning Master Painter who has painted the majority of the matt figure range over the last three years.
Wendy Rafalski – W. Britain Master Painter for the gloss Petticoat series

Any W. Britain set purchased from Michigan Toy Soldier Co. on the day of the event will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by both artists.
W. Britain door prizes!
A free W. Britain plastic toy soldier for children under 10

Please note that all prices listed in this newsletter are the suggested retail list price and do not reflect your preferred customer discounts.
Old Northwest Trading Company
World War I Series- The Great War
1/32 Scale pre painted metal figures
TGW-009 The Pals
4 Tommies Advancing through 2 Barbed Wire Scenic Pieces, $ 100.00
View Here
TGW-010 Stoßtruppen
4 Stormtroopers and Destroyed Blockhouse Scenic Piece $ 100.00
View Here
William Britains
1/32 Scale pre painted metal figures
Zulu War – Rorke’s Drift
20034 Zulu Warrior Charging with Assegai #1 $ 28.00
20035 Zulu iNdlondlo Regiment Charging with Assegai #1 $ 28.00

World War II Collection
25010 German Waffen SS Grenadier Standing Firing STG 44 #1 $ 28.00
25011 German Regular Army (Heer) Standing Firing MP40 #1 $ 28.00.
View Here

Shipping to us now- Available the week of 6-22-09
Zulu War –
20032 – Zulu Warrior Swinging Knobkerrie – 1 Piece Set in Clamshell Pack – Just looking at this figure will give you a serious headache!

20033 – Zulu iNdluyengwe Regiment Throwing Spear #1 – 1 Piece Set in Clamshell Pack – A classic Zulu warrior with spear raised just about to throw it at an unseen enemy.

World War II- Osprey Series
25006 – U.S. Army Airborne, 1st Lt. 376th Parachute Field Artillery Bn., 82nd Airborne Division, Normandy 1944 – 1 Piece Set in Window Box – W. Britain expands its offering of WWII paratroopers with this addition of an 82nd Airborne figure inspired by the great artwork of Ron Volstad in Osprey Elite #31 , “U.S. Army Airborne 1940-1990”. If you do not already carry Osprey you should seriously consider it as they appeal to toy soldier collectors and are a perfect add-on sale. Please go to for more information.

60006 –“Clara” in Afternoon Dress with Pagoda Sleeves, 1858-1864 – 1 Piece Set in Window Box – “Why Miss Scarlet you look beautiful in that new green dress.” “If only the Yankees had not cut off our supply of fine English fabric I could have made something beautiful for the spring.”

60007 – “Sarah” in Walking Suit with Straw Boater, 1895 – 1 Piece Set in Window Box – The latest fashion – a stylish suit and straw boater.

44017 – Piper – 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment, 1809-1815 – 1 Piece Set in Window Box - Aye…the pipes – the first new Redcoat single release in awhile and sure to please with a striking kilt and of course those pipes!

47022 – British 45th Regiment Grenadier Company Set, 1754-1763 – 4 Piece Set – Limited Edition – 600 Pieces Worldwide – Quantities are low – Some folks like singles, some like sets, will we ever make them all happy? No. Are we trying? Yes. So here is another 45th Regiment set for all those collectors that asked for Redcoats in sets.

Old Northwest Trading Company
1/32 Scale Resin Figure Kits from the USA
ONTC-WWI04 British Tommy Advancing #1 $ 16.99
ONTC-WWI06 U.S. Doughboy Standing Firing $ 16.99
ONTC-WWI07 German Stormtrooper Throwing Grenade Bundle $ 16.99
View Here

Andrea Miniatures
54mm White Metal Kits from Spain
AND-SG-F144 General G. A. Custer $ 46.99
AND-WS22 Warlord Saga: Sulnar Burning Wind $ 46.99

80mm White Metal Figure Kits
AND-PINUP-12 Pin-Up Series: A Work of Art $ 64.99
View Here

La Meridiana (Italy)
54mm White Metal Kits from the USA
LMR-FR54-34 42nd Highlander French & Indian War- North America 1750s $ 34.99
LMR-AN54-35 Palmyrene Guardsman, 3rd C. AD $ 34.99
LMR-AC-54-32 18th Century Log Cabin/Trading Post resin kit, measures 17 cm (front width) X 9 cm (left side) X 12 cm (approx height). Consists of 4 parts: front, left side, roof, fireplace. $ 54.99

200mm/ 1:9 Scale Resin Bust
LMR-FBR-02 Mandan Indian $ 46.99
View Here

St. George's Cross
Hand Painted Russian Figures
CGC-28027 Samurai Attacking $ 130.00
SGC-28028 Samurai with Kama $ 130.00
SGC-28508 Samurai with Naginata $ 130.00
SGC-28905 Samurai Defending $ 130.00
SGC-5386 Teutonic Knight with Banner $ 110.00
SGC-RV04 English Knight in Rampant Lion Crest $ 125.00
SGC-51-110 Gladiator Saluting $ 110.00
SGC-51-119 Gladiator at the Ready $ 110.00
View Here
Gernada Studios
Hand Painted Russian Figures
G139.4 Armored Medieval Bishop $ 125.00
View Here
New 1/72nd Scale Figures & Models from Ace, UM, Mac, Attack, Trumpeter and more

Ace Models (Ukraine)
ACE-72273 Citroen Traction 11CV Staff Car $ 14.95
ACE-72277 Raupenschlepper Ost (RSO) Type 01, Flotation Version $ 23.99

Aleran Miniatures
1/72 & 1/76 Scale Decals
ALN-US-5 US Yellow Stars (Early War) $ 6.99

Attack Hobby Kits
1:72 Scale Kits
KPT-72SE08 Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A- Special Edition $ 42.99
KPT-72SE09 Pz.BefWg.I Ausf. A- Special Edition $ 42.99
KPT-72SE10 kl.Pz.BefWg.I Ausf. A- Special Edition $ 42.99
KPT-72844 Flammpanzer 38(t) Hetzer $ 33.99
KPT-72866 Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf. A $ 26.99
KPT-72867 Pz.BefWg.I Ausf. A $ 26.99
KPT-72868 kl.Pz.BefWg.I Ausf. A $ 26.99

1:72 Scale Plastic Kits
KPM-72107 German Steyr 1500 Kfz.17 $ 29.99

1:72 Scale Resin Kits
PDM-V052 BR 86 Kriegslokomotive $ 157.99

RPM Models (Poland)
1:72 Scale Plastic Kits
RPM-72216 French Light Tank- Hotchkiss H35 $ 12.99
RPM-72217 French Light Tank- Hotchkiss H35 Model 1940 $ 12.99
RPM-72218 French Light Tank- Hotchkiss H38 Series D w/37mm SA18 Gun $ 12.99
RPM-72219 French Light Tank- Hotchkiss H39 w/37mm SA38 Gun- Israel 1948 $ 12.99

TMP-7278 M1A1 Abrams Tank w/Mine Roller $ 19.99
TMP-7279 M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank $ 19.99
TMP-7283 Russian T55 Tank w/KMT5 Mine Roller $ 19.99
TMP-7284 Russian T55 Tank w/BTU55 Dozer Plow $ 19.99
TMP-7292 German SdKfz 182 King Tiger Tank w/Zimmerit (Porsche Turret) $ 19.99
TMP-7297 M2A2 ODS/ODS-E Bradley Fighting Vehicle w/Zimmerit (Porsche Turret) $ 19.99
TMP-7302 USMC Landing Craft/Air Cushion (LCAC) $ 109.99

UM Models (Ukraine)
UM-357 Bergerpanzer 38 $ 16.99
UM-377 U.S. Medium Tank M4A2 (76)W HVSS $ 16.99
UM-394 T-90 Soviet Anti-aircraft Tank $ 16.99

1:76 Plastic Model Kits
RVL-3231 SdKfz 251/1 Ausf B Halftrack $ 10.50
View Here

12" Action Figures
DML-70645 9 Gear Plus Series- "Matt Barkley" (Private) U.S. "All-American" Bazookaman, 82nd Airborne Division, Normandy 1944 $ 74.99

DML-70569 Gear Plus Series- "Konrad Fürst (Unterstrumführer)", THJ Panzergrenadier Officer III./ Pz.Gren.Regt 26, Kampfgruppe Kuhlmann Ardennes 1944 $ 74.99

DML-70701 "Doc. White" Private, U.S. Para Medic, 101st Airborne Division Normandy 1944$ 64.99

DML-70713 "Wilhelm Schaper (Gefreiter)", Wehrmacht MG34 Gunner Infanterie-Regiment 22, France 1940 $ 69.99

View Here

Soldiers Story
12" Action Figures
SSO-SS-021 USMC 1st MSOB $ 99.99

SSO-SS-024 USMC 1st MSOB, M249 SAW Version $ 109.99

SSO-SS-026 U.S. WWII- 82nd Airborne Division Combat Medic $ 99.99

View Here

MIG Productions
Hand Painted Russian Figures
Available Now
MGP-P413 Pigment: Primer Red $ 5.99
MGP-P414 Pigment: Track Brown $ 5.99 $ 5.99

Shipping to us now- Available the week of 6-22-09
MGP-P411 MIG Effects: Standard Rust Effects
A special product for creating rust washes and other various corrosion effects. An enamel base blend compatible with other MIG Productions products. Simply shake before using and apply onto irregular surfaces to create transparent rust effects. $ 8.99

MGP-P412 MIG Effects: Light Rust Effects
A special product for creating light coloured rust washes and other various corrosion effects. An enamel base blend compatible with other MIG Productions products. Simply shake before using and apply onto irregular surfaces to create transparent rust effects. $ 8.99

MGP-ABT155 502 Abteilung Modelling Oils: German Three-Tone Fading
This oil colour is essential for creating wear and aging on German vehicles containing dark yellow TRITONAL or BITONAL camouflages. This tone is ideal for uniting the German dark yellow camouflage colours while giving it a look of weathering. $ 5.99

MGP-ABT160 502 Abteilung Modelling Oils: Engine Grease
This colour is perfect for creating grease and oil effects on vehicles and machinery. Do not apply this oil colour in one even tone. This colour has adequate transparency to help make the effects of grease accumulated in and around motors along with items such as hydraulic excavators, truck hooks etc.. Do not complicate things and simply use this special colour previously tested by professional modellers. $ 5.99
View Here

Osprey Publishing (Always 20% off the list price)
New Titles for June 2009
AA87 Aircraft of the Aces: Spitfire Aces of Burma and the Pacific $ 22.95
C210 Campaign: Operation Dragoon 1944 - France’s Other D-Day $ 19.95
C211 Campaign: Actium 31 BC - Downfall of Antony and Cleopatra MAA452 Men At Arms: The Belgian Army in World War I $ 17.95
V157 Vanguard: Landing Craft, Infantry and Fire Support $ 17.95
W131 Warriors: Nelson’s Officers and Midshipmen $ 18.95
W138 Warriors: Roosevelt’s Rough Riders $18.95
View New Osprey Here
Da Vinci Brushes
New at MichToy is this high quality German manufacturer of brushes. For three generations, The da Vinci brush company of Nuremberg, Germany has created the highest quality artist and specialty brushes. Each brush is crafted with pride to da Vinci’s exacting standards. Using the best raw materials available, skilled brush makers draw on centuries-old wisdom and input from contemporary professional artists. Utilizing the latest technical innovations, they create brushes of unsurpassed beauty, quality and endurance.
View the complete Da Vinci Brushes line by clicking on this link

Fredericus Rex Scenic and Diorama Products
New at MichToy is this high quality German manufacturer of scenic products for dioramas, figure bases, train layouts and models. Featuring arguably hobby's best grass tufts, flowers and long grasses. Available in variety of sizes & colors. Works with virtually any scale.
View the complete Fredericus Rex line by clicking on this link

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