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Creating & Sending

Are you new to e-newsletters? Do you need to enter the online arena in order to build your business and increase your bottom line . . . but you're unsure how to go about it? Look no further than Email Media Group.

Anyone Can Do It!
Producing and sending an effective message online is no longer restricted to "tech" professionals. Now anyone can do it! No special skills or hardware to install are required. We have plenty of intuitive tutorials to get you onboard and take you through the steps in order to understand email marketing. Our "Creative Wizard" program walks you through the complete process of designing and sending out your newsletter, step by step from beginning to end. No programming or design expertise is needed to use our software. Let our industry-leading proprietary software do all the work for you, while you take all the credit!

Creating an eye-catching email campaign or newsletter is fast and easy. It requires no special design skills to generate professional results. You can start a template from scratch or use one of the 250 customizable, pre-designed email templates from our Template Library. To help you to attract the customer's attention, we have over 250,000 images and graphics available in a database that is at your fingertips - all royalty-free for you to use in building your newsletter. Industry-leading wizard features ensure that your project is up and running fast and without any specialized or technical knowledge.

You Know Your Customers
You are the one who knows your customers or clients best. All it takes to turn that valuable knowledge into an effective newsletter is the will to do so - and the easy-to-use tools we provide. You don't have to pay high-priced professional designers to create what you can create yourself. You'll be amazed at just how quick and easy it is. And remember - we are here to help in any way possible!

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