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Surveys !
Conducting surveys amongst the user community that belong to your lists gives you and your company such valuable feedback on your customers' thoughts and wants on a whole host of things that affect your business and the companies bottom line. The cost effectiveness of such a marketing tool is so great. Its important to have a solid piece of software that gives you all the tools and flexibility that you need to conduct a proper survey and generate the reporting to analyze the response whenever you wanted on your terms and specifications, cause if not done correctly and the survey is conducted improperly then you will get incorrect feedback and make bad conclusions based on that info, and that is very harmful for the company.

For every company serious about growing its market share, surveys are a valuable resource tool that a business use for its input on its future direction -

Email Media Group knows how Surveys and the results they generate go into formulating the future strategy for any company. Businessmen have increasingly come to rely on this feedback to decide their future course of action. Surveys can be carried out for any of the following reasons (this is just a partial list):

Researching your market: Keeping your ear to the ground, you get to know the customers' opinions about what products, services and new interesting things they are looking for. This can be done for a particular segment market or the wide-ranging market interests of the customer.

Satisfaction level from company's customer support: Surveys provide anonymity to the customers, who can, without any prejudice, click on the correct satisfaction level that they have experienced from the company's customer-support department. This can give you very useful feedback on your personnel and what changes need to be made to improve that department.

Better customer relationships: : Surveys that tell the customer, "We are doing this, this, and this." Then ask, "Please let us know what else we should do to be of better service to you. Tell us what will make you happy!" Such communication evokes a flood of responses from your customer base of people who are eager to get the maximum benefits from your company.

Our Survey solutions are both Web-based and email-based. Web-based surveys involve setting up an HTML-designed questionnaire survey page on a website where the people that visit fill out the survey form or issue permission-based emails to invite users to come and visit the survey page and participate in the questionnaire. Alternatively, the survey can go out as part of the email itself, in the form of a dynamic HTML-designed questionnaire.

We follow a two-step logical approach to deliver the results you want and need to make smart decisions. They are:

Actually conducting the survey on your behalf. This includes designing the questionnaire, setting up the system for Web-based or email-based surveys, and also sending out permission-based emails to it. Then collecting and collating the data received through the survey in a databank or spread sheet for you to analyze and make smart conclusions based upon this information.

Processing the data thus collected through statistical analysis techniques, such that the desired goal for conducting the survey is achieved. The results of this processing are then used to further refine the target customers, and fine-tuning the questionnaire, in order to generate a better survey the next time around.

Here are some of the very exciting features that our survey service has to offer.

Deploy the survey rapidly. With the help of our questionnaire template library you will have plenty of ideas to choose from. Also your own set of questions and ideas can of course be easily and effectively customized to meet the exact survey questionnaire you are looking for.

Measure the results in-transit. That is, while the survey is still in progress and going on, we can at any time take a snapshot and analyze the results with reports and analysis for you, so this way you can watch the survey as it grows and comes along.

Successful and in-depth participation. Any or all of these actions can be taken and done on your behalf, such as sending out an auto-response of a "thank You" email to every participant who filled out the survey, or directing them to your website's appreciation page after they have finished filling the survey answers, or sending automatic reminders to participants who have not yet responded to the survey call, and a lot of other features.

Based on the survey results, it is now possible for you to segregate your customer lists based on specific criteria of your calling and then send those potential buyers out highly targeted informational email newsletters on products and services that your company offers, and even perhaps involve them in future marketing campaigns that suit them the most.

We have seen little-known companies and big companies of yesterday and today shooting ahead of their competition by a clever deployment of this most important marketing tool - the Survey. Don't get left behind! For every company serious about growing its market share, surveys are a valuable resource tool that a business use for its input on its future direction.

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