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Custom Newsletter Design !

A CUSTOMIZED & PERSONALIZED NEWSLETTER is so important to the brand identity of your company that it should reflect your email newsletter's identity. We can help with that. Our team of dedicated and professional design experts are great at generating a world-class email newsletter from your specifications to meet your exact needs and ideas, to match the overall look and feel of your newsletter.

Rough Draft: A brainstorming session with you on the phone or through emails, gives us exactly the background for the proposed newsletter that you are looking for. Once we have this information from you, we come to understand the purpose of your newsletter, and more important, how it fits in with your overall company style and culture. We'll collect all the current advertising material that your company uses to project itself and make a statement. This would include your company logo, the colors and fonts on your letterhead-and so on.

First Draft: Generated using the utmost creativity at our disposal. Every character, every graphic, every color and every pixel on that newsletter is there as a result of painstaking thought and hard work. After all, we are very conscious that it is going to reach your valued customer list, so it has to look good, be appealing and convey your message!

Second Draft: Generated to respond to your comments and ideas regarding the first draft. Notwithstanding our effort, we do expect and appreciate that a few brush-ups here and there will be needed, so that we are on the same wavelength when this email newsletter is ready to go live and starts to get sent out to your list..

The final newsletter that comes from our design team is a natural extension of what you and your company stand for, and what your customers have come to expect from you.

For more information on our design work, please get in touch with our sales team now.

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