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Campaign and Marketing Consulting !
Being one the best in this business gives one a lot of confidence. Email Media Group, with its expertise in the business of permission-based email marketing and newsletter generation, has established itself as a leader in the industry.

We humbly offer to place our services at your disposal. As your consultants in your efforts to increase your sales and your customer base through email marketing, and creating a loyal base of subscribers through newsletters, we fully understand your concerns and worries.

Our consulting services include advising our customers on all activities from conception to execution for a highly focused permission-based email campaign, which is guaranteed to deliver results time and time again.

A brainstorming session with you - our customer - gives us solid ground on which to operate. We are then able to understand your organization's goals and mission. A creative brief is prepared in-house, where our best brains come together to prepare the document. Your review, comment and consent are crucial to the success of this valuable document.

We provide design and copywriting services for the email newsletter that your customers ultimately receive. We advice your webmaster in matters pertaining to setting up user-login related parameters, utilization of latest techniques, such as auto-responders, to send out relevant emails automatically at periodic intervals.

Finally, we sit down with you to analyze the feedback that we collect from customers that the campaign is generating, and suggest any mid-course correction and/or any refinements when required to help the campaign even more.

At all times, we keep an unflinching focus on increasing your sales and customer base through the wide-ranging services that we offer. This is how we have built up our reputation in the market. Our know-how is top notch!

If you would like more information, we encourage you to contact our consulting team to discus your needs and how you can take advantage of our consultancy to boost your company's income.

Full Service !
The world, these days, is increasingly spending a lot of time surfing the Internet. The world, incidentally, includes your customers too! But your to busy already to manage your email marketing project, we are here and can help you in a lot of different ways.

With Email Media Group, you get to take advantage of this fact to improve your company's prosperity and financial health, by targeting your prospective customer base through permission-based emails, and highly focused Newsletters. Our surveys help get the maximum statistical power at your fingertips, to make those informed decisions. Our Auto-Responders work great to keep your customers in touch with your company with out all the hard work that comes along with it.

With our software, you are able to work on setting up your email campaigns and Newsletters. Alternatively, you can lean on us for advice on how to go about doing it, even offloading the entire exercise to us' while you concentrate on your core strength of running your business. From A to Z, we happily take on the load of running your email and Newsletter campaigns on your behalf.

We have a crack team of highly-skilled personnel who are experts in their chosen fields - from web-designers, copywriters, content-specialists, email-marketers, and others - whose efforts are geared to providing you all that is needed to get your campaign going.

Please feel free to surf our pages and soak in the information that you find here. In case of any queries, do pause and click the relevant buttons to contact our marketing personnel. We will be happy to respond and make your visit to our site a pleasant and informative experience.

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