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Anti-Spam Policy

Because email has proven to be such a valuable tool for marketing and disseminating needed information by legitimate businesses and organizations, "spam" is particularly harmful because it reduces the effectiveness of this very efficient method. Spam is basically email that was not requested and is not wanted. It is often defined technically as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email).

Accordingly, Email Media Group has a strict anti-spam policy and is committed to reducing and eventually eliminating spam. When a subscriber complains, they are unsubscribed from a list, and these subscriber complaints are investigated and often result in termination of a client's account with us.

Email Media Group does not require that lists be confirmed as opt-in, but we provide the tools (and highly recommend their use) for your subscribers to confirm their subscription to your list by responding to a confirmation email (whether they've signed up through a remote subscription form that we provide or whether you add subscribers directly). We also provide the tools that allow you to send existing, "unconfirmed" subscribers messages asking that they confirm their subscription to your list. All email must include an "Unsubscribe" link that automatically removes the recipient's address from that list.

Email Media Group is 100% compliant with the CAN-SPAM initiative and fully supports every reasonable measure that can be taken to fight spam.

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