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EMG Affiliate FAQ !

Who can be an authorized Email Media Group Affiliate?
Our Affiliate program is open to anybody interested in promoting permission-based, custom-targeted email marketing. Those in an ideal position to take advantage of this opportunity are: all webmasters, consultants, Web designers, and marketing professionals in all areas.

Does it cost anything to become a Affiliate?
There is no cost. Instead, YOU will earn money for each new client that you refer and has signed up and paid the set-up fee for the Email Media Group program.

How can I be sure that my Web site qualifies for the Affiliate program?
Most web sites will qualify, and anyone can apply. However, we do reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership if we decide that the Web site contains objectionable material, explicit language, supports violent groups or if we suspect fraudulent behavior of any kind.

What do I have to do as a Affiliate?
After you agree to become an authorized Affiliate, your only other responsibility is to place banners and links to Email Media Group on your Web site.

Where do I get these banners and links?
We will provide everything you need to get started and maintain your participation in the program. You will access the links and banners through our site.

How does it work?
When a visitor to your site clicks on the EMG button or banner, they will link to our site with a Unique Session ID that identifies your site. Each time a visitor comes through your link or banner to our site, signs up, pays the set-up fee and becomes a customer; we will credit your account. You can login to our Affiliate area and check your commissions, order status, etc. on a 24/7 basis.

Do you use cookies to track personal information about site visitors?
No. We don't use cookies to track personal information about our users.

Are commissions paid on all sales?
Yes, commissions are paid on all sales that have been finalized and that have been confirmed by Email Media Group.

When will the EMG commission be paid?
Your EMG Commission will be paid within one month after the service has been paid for and finalized. If we pay a refund to the purchaser for any reason, no EMG Commission will be paid. Any EMG commission that has already been paid on such a sale will need to be refunded to us or have the amount deducted from the next commission cycle.

Can I earn a share of the ongoing revenue from the customers that I refer to the program?
Yes. You can become Affiliate and enter a more detailed partnership with Email Media Group. Rather than simply receiving a one-time fee for every new client we sign up, you will receive a continuing percentage as long as that client uses our services.

Is there a limit to the number of customers I can refer?
No. As you sign up more users, you will receive more money for each one.

What are the conditions under which EMG may not pay a commission?
If a client has an old browser or has switched off the "session variables" function, we have no way of determining who referred somebody to us, and we can't pay a commission. This is not under our control. Fortunately, this will only affect a very small number of cases. Most browsers do support this feature.

Any other conditions?
Yes, we reserve the right to change the conditions of this program at any time or cancel the program at all without notice. If we make changes, we will post them on the web. We also reserve the right to accept or reject any application by an individual or company to join this Affiliate program at our sole discretion. We may also exclude any existing EMG partner from the program if they do not meet our guidelines or acceptable online behavior standards. For example, any spammer will be excluded from the program and no commission will be paid.

What is acceptable behavior?
EMG Affiliates may put a Email Media Group button or banner on their own web sites. Any other method of promoting Email Media Group is not permitted unless we give permission in writing. We appreciate your email if you have promotional ideas.
Affiliates who cause us trouble (e.g. by doing the following) will be excluded from the program and not receive a commission. The following is not permitted:

  • spam other Internet users (e.g. unsolicited email messages)
  • spam Usenet newsgroups (unsolicited messages and / or cross-posting to newsgroups)
  • do anything which (in our opinion) is illegal or inappropriate to promote Email Media Group
  • use any methods to promote Email Media Group which haven't been approved by us in writing

What are the benefits to my clients?
Your clients can improve the response to all of their marketing programs by using email newsletters and promotions to keep in touch with their customers and prospects. Email Media Group provides everything you need to help your clients develop their visitor and customer email database, and launch targeted email newsletters and promotions that get results.

What are the benefits to me?
You will be able to expand your business and tap into additional sources of revenue. Whether you offer your clients a self-service capability or do all the work for them, you can wrap additional services around the EMG platform and enhance your bottom line.

How do I join?
Simply fill out our online signup form, once you have filled out the form you may logon to the Affiliate area to get your banners, additional information and view commissions and orders.

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