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Become an Affiliate

What it means: Becoming an Email Media Group Affiliate simply means that you and your website will help us sell our services. If your business or organization has used our services with favorable results, or if you simply believe that another business can benefit from them, then you are in a perfect position to also benefit. When Email Media Group is successful, you will be successful. It's a partnership built on mutual interests.

What it entails: Simply place our advertising banners on your site that will point your visitors to our site. The more effective your own site is at attracting visitors, the more visitors will come to ours - and we can help your site be more effective, as well.

What's in it for you: You will receive a one-time fee for every client that we sign up. We will set a commission rate for every order placed by referral from your site. Besides having your website feed your primary business and help it prosper, you will also have a source of income that keeps growing as Email Media Group grows - with no effort on your part.

How to proceed: First, review the Affiliate FAQs in this same section. Then proceed to the Signup Form to become a partner with Email Media Group.

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