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Reporting is one of the major advantages of email marketing. Good reporting lets you see almost immediately the impact your message had on your clients or prospective customers. No other medium can actually quantify the results of a marketing campaign. There's no guesswork, estimates, averages, focus group interviews or surveys to determine the effectiveness of your message. You will know exactly:

The number of emails sent and actually delivered.
The number of emails that bounced back - so your mailing list can be updated.
How many -- and what percentage - of recipients opened the email.
Which pages or sections were the most popular - and which were not.
Which links were used most for click-through.
And more...

Customer Profiles

Even more important, you will know who opened your email and how long they lingered over it. You'll also know if they forwarded your email to a friend or associate. This will enable you to build an increasingly complete profile of your clients or prospective customers. As you sift through the data in the reports, you gain additional insight into the people you're trying to reach. Detailed information about your clients can now be collected and analyzed as never before possible.

No Time for Guesswork

The supercharged and greatly speeded-up business environment of today demands quick response. And accuracy is as important as speed. Email Media Group's reporting service provides hard data, easily accessible. With concrete numbers always available, you can project trends - and make your business or organization react more quickly to changes in the marketplace. You can take immediate action to stay on top of the constantly shifting terrain of the marketplace.

In today's Information Age, you can't afford not to have the most current information.

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