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Standard Support !
What we term "Standard Support", is a support level that is provided gratis to you - you can begin using it the moment you sign up. Our online resources are comprehensive - we have taken care to ensure that every minute detail is laid out with full clarity. Our context-sensitive help tools take you to right place in our massive help comes in a jiffy, so no searching around is required.

There are a couple of online guides that you can begin with. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the information presented in the "Getting Started" guide. This guide will light the path toward setting up your account and preparing your campaigns. Perhaps you can even begin mailing the same day!

After you have spent some time "Getting Started," and browsed for awhile with the Online Help, you should have a good grasp of navigating through Email Media Group's helpscape. With the newfound knowledge at your disposal, you may like to dip into our 'What's New" overview from time to time. In this section, we put in information about the new features that we add to the Email Media Group Online Marketing and Sales Application.

And, of course, you can email us for any kind of assistance. Email support is available 9AM to 5PM, Pacific Standard Time.

As part of our routine, Standard Support, we also send you a monthly newsletter, with our compliments. This newsletter is packed with updates on email marketing trends, best practices, success stories and special offers. Absorbing all the knowledge contained in them will determine the success of your campaigns!

Let us know if you can't find answers to any of your questions in the Email Media Group 'Help Menu'. Our customer care team stands by to respond to all of your needs.

Phone Support !
If you would like to speak to us for assistance, please just pick up the phone and contact us. We are normally available between 9 AM and 5 PM, Pacific Standard Time. Call us whenever you need support with creating and tracking a campaign, or need advice on how to best leverage a Email Media Group feature. Get immediate support from the phone number listed in your account.

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