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What is Email Media Group? EMG is a full-service Web marketing company that provides businesses of any size with a way to add a newsletter sign-up form to their web site, send out personalized HTML or text emails, create unlimited lists, schedule messages, and view complete reporting metrics for each campaign.

What is unique about EMG's email marketing program? Unlike similar programs, Email Media Group offers a complete online marketing system that allows you to either do it all yourself or have EMG do it for you. There is no extra software or hardware to buy, no new personnel to hire. It's a one-stop shop.

What is the cost of an online marketing program with Email Media Group? Email Media Group's fee structure has been designed to be affordable for small- and mid-sized businesses with lists of all sizes. Monthly fees are based on the number of subscribers in your list. Please see the Rate Chart under Pricing.

I want to send my clients regular newsletters, but I don't even know how to start. What can I do? Start with us - we can help. Working with you and learning your customers' needs, we will put together an affordable package detailing the most efficient way to get out your email message.

Is it difficult if I don't have a lot of technical expertise? It's easy! No special skills or hardware to install are required. We have plenty of intuitive tutorials to get you onboard and take you through the steps in order to understand email marketing. No programming or design expertise is needed to use our software.

What if I'm too busy to create a newsletter myself? Busy executives and professionals often have their time taken up by their primary task. For those people, Email Media Group will handle every aspect of their campaigns. We can provide you with a turn-key operation that will take the entire burden off you and your organization.

What will the Email Media Group program actually do for me? It will allow you to create email lists, create newsletters, schedule messages to go out at the exact time you wish, right down to the hour. It will provide you with complete reporting metrics for each marketing campaign and analyze them to better suit you and your customers' needs.

What kind of response can I expect? National open rates are about 32% for private list email campaigns. EMG clients typically see a higher return. Once a subscriber has opened your email you will see click thru rates significantly above national averages. If your most active customers have taken the time to open your email, taken affirmative action within your email such as printing out a coupon or offer, there is a good chance you will see that customer in the near future.

Do I need to buy any special software to use the program? No. The entire Email Media Group program is accessed through a common browser like Netscape and Internet Explorer. You don't need any other software.

Will anyone from EMG be assigned to help me? Absolutely. Our Dedicated Account Manager is assigned to handle your account. Working in conjunction with you, your Manager has unlimited access to all our online resources. He or she will advise you as to how to best utilize these resources and maximize the effectiveness of your email message. He or she can help you as much or as little as you wish, from taking over all the burdensome detail work, to allowing you to take full control yourself.

Where does the content come from to build my newsletter? Written content can simply be cut and pasted from your own company documents out of common programs like Word or Excel. Our unique Template Library gives you the choice of over 200 newsletter structural formats to choose from. Our graphics bank can offer over 500,000 photos and images for your own use. Or you can import your own.

How can I get a professional-looking newsletter, even if I'm not very creative? Our Creative Design Wizard, a software-based "virtual magician" is always ready to step in and assist you at any point in the design process. If you know what you like, and know what works for your customers and clients, then the Creative Design Wizard can help you achieve it.

Do I need to know HTML code to manage my content? Not at all. Anyone who can handle any of the common word processing programs - like Word - can also use the HTML Editor feature. The toolbar will be perfectly familiar to you. Just type your content as you would normally, and the Editor converts it automatically to HTML.

Can I have the option to write my own code? Yes. If you're tech-savvy and want to write your own HTML code, then our "expert mode" is right for you. Generate fonts, styles, colors, layouts and formats as complex as you want. Our HTML Editor can handle anything you put out.

Will my email messages be blocked by firewalls or anti-spam filters? Occasionally your emails might be temporarily blocked, for any number of reasons. Spam is such a problem that many companies go to great lengths to protect against it and often block legitimate messages that were requested.

Can anything prevent my message from being blocked? With Email Media Group's unique Page Hosting feature, each page of your newsletter is hosted on our servers, so that if the email itself is blocked, the recipient will see a message such as, "Click here if you can't see this newsletter." This will provide a link, enabling your client to connect as if to a separate website. Your newsletter will appear just as you designed it.

How secure is my database of critical information? Your database is private and secure. It is backed up on a regular basis at a firewall-protected facility. Each database is kept separate and unique and is not combined with other databases. We never rent, sell or share customer information. We use 1024 bit SSL encryption to safe-guard your data.

What is Email Media Group's policy toward spam (unsolicited email)? EMG has a strict anti-spam policy and is committed to reducing and eventually eliminating spam. When a subscriber complains, they are unsubscribed from a list, and these subscriber complaints are investigated and often result in termination of a client's account with us. Email Media Group is 100% compliant with the CAN-SPAM initiative and fully supports every reasonable measure that can be taken to fight spam.

Does EMG use CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) on emails sent to multiple recipients? No. Each newsletter is addressed and sent individually. This is much more effective. When people see a single stock phrase in the "To" field of the received email, they usually associate it with spam.

What kind of information will be reported back to me after my emails have gone out? You will receive reporting that details: The number of emails sent and actually delivered; the number of emails that bounced back - so your mailing list can be updated. How many -- and what percentage - of recipients opened the email; which pages or sections were the most popular - and which were not; which links were used most for click-through.

What will the reporting tell me about the clients who received the email? Detailed information about your clients can now be collected and analyzed as never before possible. You will know who opened your email and how long they lingered over it. You'll also know if they forwarded your email to a friend or associate.

What kind of businesses might use EMG's email marketing program effectively? Corporations, associations, educational facilities, clubs, small businesses and private individuals most often use the program to communicate with clients, staff, members, colleagues and relatives or friends. Small businesses might use EMG for press releases, newsletters, product launches, quotes, letters, proposals and more. Corporations, on the other hand, might have an in-house communications department that wants to send out internal newsletters, reports, memos and directives to other offices, as well as a range of opt-in or other marketing functions.

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