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May 1, 2003
Sales Team Meeting
2pm @ Denny's
in Santa Rosa
May 17, 2003
Trade Show
9am - 7pm
Santa Cruz, CA
Call 555-1234
for Directions
May 23, 2003
Marketing Seminar
10am - 1:30pm
San Jose, CA
Call 555-4321
Quote of theMonth
"A metal chain is only as reliable as its least strong piece."
coined by Dr. Randy Tylor
The 2003 forms are on schedule...

The brand new 2003-997A forms have not yet been completed. However, it is still possible to use the 2002b-997C forms until the new version arrives. has been the front project of our project group for several months and will be completed on schedule.

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Interest rates have been lowered...
In an announcment by Charles Quincy, Federal Reserve Chairman, stated that all interest rates have been cut to there lowest levels in the last 5 years. The rates have been steadily are at there lowest point in the past half-decade. The new rates mean less profit for some and much more profit for others.
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What's in the News?
What's in the News?

In recent years the computer has become a much more tool in our line of work. We have been able to see great growth in our abilities to get our number crunching done much faster. Now we finally have an even better answer to our age old question of "can we get it done faster?"

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Love it then leave it...
Purchasing can be the hardest part of any investors life. Recently we have been able to ease some of the tension that is involved. Allowing our customers to first try out their new valuable and almost totally free result of simply existing in this industry.
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